Why Solar?

Clean Energy Partners, Why Solar?

Reasons to Invest in Solar are Clear

Solar is a uniquely powerful means for unlocking many lifestyle, financial and lifetime benefits. By reducing reliance on your energy supplier, you can help build a generation of self-sufficient, sustainable and power-savvy kiwis.

Solar ticks all the right boxes

Solar energy has been around and trusted for a very long time. But only recently has it become feasible for the average household to invest with a solid return. Every consumer has unique motivators towards solar, which ultimately boil down to energy independence, clean energy generation and financial returns.

What’s your Solar WHY?

Drive energy independence

  • Become your own electricity provider
  • Manage your power usage with ease, at times that suit you
  • Flip the balance of power in your favour with your power company by only drawing on the grid when required

Support renewable, clean energy

  • Create electricity from an endless supply of energy from the sun  
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment 
  • Reduce reliance on traditional electricity supply channels that rely on long distance grid travel or carbon-based fossil fuels like coal

Be clever with your finances

  • Protect yourself against unpredictable electricity market price hikes 
  • Keep ongoing maintenance costs low with durable and long-lasting hardware
  • Make the most of your investment by improving the resale value of your home and saving money on electricity
  • Utilise the compelling financial return on investment to create reliable ongoing solar dividends unlike deposits in the bank

Ultimately solar energy is a modern technology which just makes sense. Customers intrinsically know they are missing out when their home is basking in the sun, while the power bill keeps eating away at the bank account. Reasons to get solar usually cross many reasons, with no single correct reason why.

Our solar WHY is to give you choice in power generation. What’s yours?

Discover the freedom of generating and consuming your own renewable solar energy