4 Simple Steps

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Four simple processes expertly manage your solar experience

We assess

Without the need to visit your home, we remotely assess your

  • household consumption data
  • roof characteristics
  • geographic location and weather influence

With the clever use of modern technology, by completing our simple form we provide a realistic assessment of your benefits and costs just by reviewing your roof and power consumption. We carefully consider what specific factors are important to you, and how these shape your solar investment approach.

Find out more facts about solar.

We design

We build your personal solar profile, tweak a few algorithms and customise your solar system to make sure you have the right appliances, roof space and material, panel tilts and orientation to optimise your solar return. 

This will be confirmed by a home visit with you to ratify our initial assessment. This is a great chance to chew the fat about all things solar. Want to consider a different scenario? We can walk you through scenarios of your choice.

Our design process includes a professional solar proposal to help make your appraisal of solar simple. We provide a clear understanding of forecasted savings, return on solar investment, system performance, environmental benefits, and of course system price for your customised solution. Our bespoke proposal provides you with clear information to make an informed decision.

We install

Working with our certified and experienced partners we take care of all logistics, installation and compliance requirements.

We monitor

We help you to learn when your solar ebbs, flows and peaks so you can get the most value out of generating your own renewable energy and minimise the need to draw from a grid.

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