Our Story

Clean Energy Partners, Our Story

We're Here to Help Kiwis Shine Bright

Thanks for coming to find out more about our story. If you are serious about solar then this is our chance to shine.

At Clean Energy Partners, we are fired up about the opportunity to live in a world where we can harness the sun’s energy to supercharge the quintessential Kiwi lifestyle.
We could say that the origins of Clean Energy Partners evolved millions of years ago when the sun first burst onto the scene to become the heart of our solar system. But we like to keep things simple so will fast forward a few millennia to the now.

We Are Your Clean Energy Partners

Our Why

In a constellation dominated by big players, we are on a journey to challenge the status quo. When it comes to sourcing electricity, Clean Energy Partners want to create freedom of choice by enabling people to generate and consume their own renewable energy.

Our desire is to make sure that Mission Control isn’t the head office of big power company from a galaxy far away, it’s in your home and managed by you.

Our Vision

Clean Energy Partners aim to make our own quantum contribution to the future of Aotearoa.

By helping to mitigate climate change, we envisage a nation of eco-friendly, self-sufficient and power-savvy Kiwis that can feel good about fuelling smart and modern lifestyles with clean energy.

Our Promise

At CEP, integrity is key and client privacy paramount. Our systems are a safe and secure gateway to directly help plan and implement your solar requirements, assist with user operations and monitor performance. We want you to benefit from convenience, our stellar service and data driven insights to drive value, efficiency and improved connectivity.

Giving you the freedom to manage your own electricity requirements doesn’t mean we compromise on best practice health and safety. Conforming to strict guidelines and compliance you will be in safe hands with Clean Energy Partners.

Discover the freedom of generating and consuming your own renewable solar energy