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We Enable Kiwis with Solar Savings

Launching people into the modern, independent world of solar is what we do. Using smart, secure software and technology to design and install customised system solutions is how we do it. And our formula for success is backed by stellar service.

We specialise in providing solar energy solutions for customers who want a lower power bill. This is typically achieved through a grid-tied solar energy system to balance up front cost with maximising savings and ensuring reliability of electricity supply.

We Are...

Clean Energy Partners, Solar Design Gurus

Solar Design Gurus

Clean Energy Partners, Installation Project Masters

Installation Project Masters

Clean Energy Partners, Stellar Service Providers

Stellar Service Providers

Solar Design Gurus

A well designed solar energy system will consider the physical attributes of your roof and your household consumption trends. How these two components interact is at the heart of solar design and is critical in achieving optimal power generation, savings and system performance.

Installation Project Masters

Clean Energy Partners take care of the end to end process and ensure your property is in good hands when installing your shiny new solar system. Our project management expertise will ensure design criteria and goals are achieved in a timely manner.

Partnering with quality registered electricians with the knowledge and skills to perform the installation to the highest standard, we ensure full WorkSafe precautions are taken and health and safety protocols followed.  Edge protection is included in our overall package to keep installers secure.

Final sign-off is provided by registered electrical inspectors to ensure full compliance and best practice standards are met.

Stellar Service Providers

Solar is an exciting journey for you, and we keep you informed along the way. After providing the relevant details about your household attributes, you will receive a proposal which clearly outlines your forecasted savings, return on solar investment, system performance, environmental benefits, and of course system price. Once you have a clear picture of what solar looks like for your household, we can help you with your final decision by answering any remaining questions you have about solar.

Discover the freedom of generating and consuming your own renewable solar energy