10 September 2020

Pixie Dust Fails to Pay the Bills

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Clean Energy Partners, blog post - Pixie Dust Fails to Pay the Bills

Extortionate Power Bills for Kiwis

Modern homes have high electricity needs. Yet official statistics shows kiwis have been paying painfully high power prices for too long.

Means Solar Has Never Looked Better

Solar with CEP provides a smart solution to your monthly power bill burden. Find out how we provide the best custom solar energy solution for you.

Hard Reality of Power Bills a One-Way Street

Your toaster doesn’t run on pixie dust*, and your coffee machine certainly doesn’t grind by you clapping your hands.

We could take you through all your household appliances and toys, but the point is that a modern house needs electricity, and plenty of it. And the facts are, that very electricity you need has only gone down in price once since 2006[1]. Put in other ways, your residential cost per unit since 2006 has:

  • increased by 54.3%
  • increased on average by 3.2%
  • eaten an increasing portion of your hard-earned cash
  • made you despise paying that monthly tax

We don’t like these figures. Further, given these numbers include allowances for energy efficient appliances, it really seems that power prices are a one-way bet. Every. Single. Year.

It all feels like a monthly tax. It bites a massive hole into your hard-earned cash, and makes you want to cry into that freshly ground flat white. As most of us can’t afford a completely off-grid system, CEP wants to slash that monthly burden by turning that bright sun-shiny day into an Xbox running on rays of delight.

CEP specialise in grid-tied solar energy solutions for your home. We give customers a smooth, modern end to end experience which will turn your lights on bright. Like a fridge discreetly doing its thing, our smart back end software and algorithms ensure the important things are done well, without you worrying about it.

When you engage with CEP, you will notice how simple we make a complex process. We strongly believe in doing things simpler and smarter. By answering a few short questions about your household and drivers to go solar, we can delve into the best custom solar energy solution for you.

The result is your own truly bespoke solar energy system that you will love. You’ll reap the savings each and every month you use power. Seeing credits appear on your power bill each month (because you get paid when you generate more solar energy than your home can use) will feel like a world turned on its head. That isn’t running on pixie dust – its just smart use of modern technology.

To turn your power bill on its head, simply chat with us today, or fill out our online form to get started.

*If you do find a way to power your toaster with pixie dust, let’s talk now! 

[1] MBIE Residential Sales-based Electricity Costs March 2020

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