17 September 2020

Ease for Kiwi Business but Electricity a Dim Light

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Clean Energy Partners, blog post - Ease for Kiwi Business but Electricity a Dim Light

Electricity Caught Dragging the Chain

New Zealand’s electricity industry disappoints in international rankings. We dig into why our electricity industry had such a poor showing in ‘Doing Business’. The lowly rankings backup the reasons more Kiwis are looking for electricity independence.

Simple, Modern, Clever Process Found

CEP can help you on the way to electricity independence with savings through solar energy. The focus is on doing business efficiently, and that begins with us. Our process is Simple, Modern and Clever.

Electricity Industry Disappoints for Doing Business

The World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2020[1] has named New Zealand as the number one country of 190 for the ease of doing business for the fourth year running.

This report is a comprehensive review of all regulatory considerations involved in the kiwi business landscape, including ‘Getting Electricity’.

At CEP, our philosophy doubles down on the ease of doing business, with the feel-good factor in electricity generation, and by simplifying the journey to getting solar energy installed.

Digging deeper into the Doing Business Report 2020, ironically for CEP, ‘Getting Electricity’ is a clear consideration by the judges at the World Bank. This section reveals the murky nature of our electricity industry. It is no surprise to us at CEP, that the ranking of NZ in Getting Electricity is a disappointing 48th. Even more disappointing for the NZ electricity industry was:

  • Cost (% of income per capita) ranking of a lowly 61st
  • Time at 57th
  • Procedures at 87th

CEP supports the electricity upholding high standards of compliance but believes New Zealand companies should be more efficient in doing so. That’s why CEP customers’ solar journey with Energenie is better through efficiency. Our Energenie experience involves just a quick set of questions about you, then you select a time for us to view your property that suits you. Simple. Modern. Clever.

Kiwis have long been at the mercy of power companies profit driven motives. CEP provides the opportunity to reduce your reliance on your power company and re-write the terms in your favour.

To ease into electricity on your terms, simply chat with us today, or fill out our online form to send your message to the electricity market.

[1] https://www.doingbusiness.org/en/rankings

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