03 September 2020

Decision Making Made Easy in Solar Project Appraisal

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Clean Energy Partners, blog post - Decision Making Made Easy in Solar Project Appraisal

A Stormy Drive for Solar

Previously decisions to install solar panels may have felt like driving in a storm. There are so many distractions, it can be hard to see the road clearly, and sometimes best to pull over and wait it out.

Clears to a Sunny Route to Savings

The sun has broken through with CEP’s smart decision making algorithm. Factors most important to you are cleverly analysed to demystify the drive, and feel good about your solar journey to savings.

Journey to Solar Decision Making now Clear

We get it. Getting solar is an important decision. Not one to be taken lightly.

The decision can be overwhelming with all the complicated factors at play:

  • Your electricity consumption and time of consumption (TOU)
  • Your property’s suitability
  • Up front cost
  • Monthly savings and lifetime return
  • System quality and warranties

And that’s just the beginning.

Luckily, at CEP, we are passionate about doing things better, Specifically, we have created a smart tool using our clever algorithm. Using this algorithm, CEP will demystify your decision-making process. This will allow you to appraise our bespoke solar solution for you in a clear way. Much like a pre-cleared windscreen, CEP will do the smart stuff so you can drive where you please with a clear view.

Not only does this mean your decision will be informed without the overwhelming distractions, but we can recommend a solution which is tailored to your specific situation (not your neighbours – chances are their system isn’t right for you). By getting to know what makes your household tick (or your microwave zap), CEP can give the most appropriate solution for you.

With a clear view ahead, you will see that the road ahead is truly bright. Bright days mean sunshine, sunshine means photons, photons power solar to make electrons, and electrons direct to your home means the sun has powered your brekky. Now that is a clear way to feel good.

To utilise our simple process to solar, simply chat with us today, or fill out our online form to get started and feel good about electricity generation.

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