12 January 2021

Announcement: Solar Loans Available Now

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Clean Energy Partners, blog post - Announcement: Solar Loans Available Now

Access Solar now! Easy to apply for Loans now available with Squirrel Money

Clean Energy Partners are excited to announce our new partnership with Squirrel Money. Squirrel Money's Homeowner's loan is a great way to access Solar savings now, without the need to find the cash up front.

Having access to Solar savings has never been easier

Young homeowners have previously been caught up in the bank's net of disappointment, even though Solar is a great investment for them. This affordable Homeowner's loan means you can save on your power bill right away, with interest only terms available for the first year.

Introducing Squirrel Money and Clean Energy Partners - the modern way to save with Solar

Clean Energy Partners are excited to announce that our Solar customers now have the ability to access Solar savings without payment up front!

Introducing you to Squirrel Money. Squirrel Money's Homeowners's loan is the modern way to pay for your home projects with ease. Get Solar now, and don't worry about scraping together the cash, with the easy-to-apply-for loan from Squirrel Money.

Why did Clean Energy Partners choose Squirrel?

  • Great rates and terms for customers - With interest rates at between 7.95-9.95% p.a. and no establishment fees, Squirrel offers great value for customers who want to access their Solar savings now.
  • Applying is fast, secure and 100% online. It doesn't get much easier.
  • First year interest only repayments to really help accelerate the cash savings with Solar.
  • Loans can be repaid fully or partially at any time at no additional cost.
  • We think the wider team at Squirrel are clever nuts, and Clean Energy Partners support Kiwis accessing funds to help them save their hard earned cash in the modern way Squirrel provide.

With Squirrel, paying for Solar for your home is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Complete the online application - Apply for anything between $1k and $20k unsecured or up to $70k secured. Just make sure you've got your NZ drivers licence or NZ passport handy.
  2. Squirrel can pay us directly or put the money in your account - Provided everything stacks up, the money will be available within a couple of days, depending how quickly Squirrel gets the info they need.
  3. Now get your Solar project underway - Now you've got the funds, the fun begins with Clean Energy Partners. Start turning your Solar savings dreams into reality.

Check out the super simple repayment calculator and find out more at www.squirrel.co.nz/personal-loans/homeowners-loan

To find out more about how much you could save with Solar by utilising the Squirrel Homeowners's loan, visit www.cleanenergypartners.co.nz/get-free-assessment

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