05 June 2020

Pro’s and Con’s of Solar Projects in Tauranga & WBOP

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Clean Energy Partners, blog post - Pro’s and Con’s of Solar Projects in Tauranga & WBOP

Does Solar Pay in the Bay?

For Bay of Plenty homeowners, it is worth considering local factors when appraising if solar will pay off for you. We find resounding support in the obvious but key benefits of the Bay of Plenty geography.

Analysis Finds Compelling Local Factors

Local conditions were found to support strong local solar generation (particularly the sunshine hours and northern aspect). Coupled with no consent fees and higher local power costs, means local pro’s far outweigh our eastern city status.

Why the Bay of Plenty is New Zealand’s Solar Capital

Like any important decision, we must run the fine-tooth comb over the pro’s and con’s involved. CEP has come up with a localised list for what makes our slice of God’s Own country unique when it comes to solar energy generation.

Pro's Con's
High sunshine hours
Eastern NZ city (relatively)
Northerly aspect
Lower Trustpower consumption means lower TECT projects.
High local power company costs (easier savings)

No Resource / Building consents required from TCC / WBOPDC / BOPRC

For Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty homeowners, this gives a clear head start on your fellow kiwis when it comes to solar generation.

The higher generated electricity levels mean the benefits of solar are amplified:

  • Greater lifetime returns on your investment
  • Faster payback periods
  • Larger capital value gains on your home (non-taxable)
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Reduced reliance on your power company

Maybe that’s why Tauranga is NZ’s fastest growing city for residential solar installations according to the Electricity Authority.

 To use the local factors to your home’s advantage, simply chat with our Energenie today, or fill out our online form at to feel good about electricity generation.

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